Q: How far in advance do I need to order a sculpture?

A: We would like several weeks, but realize that is not always possible. Last minute requests do crop up and we try to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs.  The more time we are given for the development of a custom request, the better we can meet your expectations.


Q: What does an ice sculpture cost?

A: Ice sculptures are affordable and are priced individually, based on size and the complexity of the design.  An Ice Sculpture Pro customer service representative can price a sculpture of your choice and even suggest options that will suit your specific budget.  With so many designs and products available, we can create an impact for any event.


Q: How can I order an ice sculpture?

A: Ice Sculpture Pro offer ordering through online store, you could order by calling our toll free, we also have the order form for download that you could email, or fax is available as well for your convenience.


Q: Do I really need to purchase a light with my sculpture?

A: Although a light is not necessary, it is recommended. The light does not add a technical element to the display, however the refraction of light off the angles and edges of a crystal-clear sculpture adds to the magic of its presentation.   Purchase of inexpensive white or colored lighting solutions or rental of more elaborate LED options are available.  Lighting is the ‘icing’ on the ice sculpture ‘cake’.


Q: How long will my sculpture last?

A: Most sculptures will hold detail for four to six hours. However, there are many factors that will influence the life expectancy of a particular design - size, the amount of detail, room temperature, sunlight, drafts and wind, if outside. At normal room temperature, a sculpture will shrink at about one inch per hour.

Custom sculptures are tailored to the event – i.e. an ice bar for an outdoor event will have a thicker bar top, or a dessert display that is out for only a short period of time can feature more intricate detail.

Q: Are your sculptures molded?

A: We do not use molds, with the exception of our classic ice punch bowl. Each sculpture is carved from a 300lb crystal clear ice block and in many cases, a number of blocks are sculpted together to make a larger design.  Ice Sculpture Pro uses a combination of traditional hand carving techniques using chisels, power tools and chainsaws, and precision computer-controlled machines such as routers, band saws and lathes.  Our freezer and studio uses the most up-to-date equipment, in addition to the tried and true methods developed by ice carvers over hundreds of years.


Q: What if a piece breaks off the sculpture during set up?

A: If an Ice Sculpture Pro event team is setting up the sculpture, they are trained to perform on-site repairs. If you are setting up your own sculpture, we can provide detailed set-up and repair instructions to make it a seamless part of your event.    If there is a problem, we have an emergency phone number -1-877-423-7285 - and will do our best to help you achieve a successful repair. 


Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We deliver anywhere – you name it, we will be there – and on time!, the location doesn’t matter, prompt delivery does.  Most of our special event orders take place in Long Island, NY and we have several options to suit the occasion:  

freezer drop (four hour window for scheduling).

sub contractor shipping.

timed delivery and set-up by our trained event team