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Ballroom Dancer Theme Ice Sculpture New
Ballroom Dancer Theme Ice Sculpture 40" High X 20" WideOption :  Personalized Engraving ..

Halloween Theme Luge New
Halloween Theme LugeIncludes - "Halloween Theme"  Engraving2 Channels (1 Each Side) Si..

Animal Figure Ice Sculpture or Luge New
Animal Figure Ice Sculpture or Luge 40" High X 40" WideOption :  Personalized Engraving ..

Table Centerpieces (Rectangular) New
Table Centerpiece (Rectangular) 24" High X 8" Wide X 8" Deep  Optional:Flower Suspende..

Interlocking Ring/Heart Ice Sculpture or Luge New -15%
Interlocking Ring Ice Sculpture or Luge 40" High X 36" WideOption :  Personalized Engrav..
$295.00 $250.00

Standard Double Luge Side Bottle Holder Size: 34" high X 20" wideOptional: Specific Time D..

Standard Double X-Cross Luge -14%
Standard Double X-Cross Luge 1 on each side Size: 34" high X 20" wideOptional: EngravingSp..
$145.00 $125.00

Party Ice Cubes 40 Lb/BagPackage Ice  ..

Pick-up for the item you choose. Size Varies : 34"- 42" high X 20" wideOptional: Drip trays..

Lady Bust 2 Front Luge 40" High X 20" WideOption :  Personalized Engraving  ..

Beer Mug (Ice) 12 Pcs. -14%
Beer Mug/ Made of Ice Order by the Dozen (12 Pcs.) Ideal for your favorite Beer, Punch and Co..
$175.00 $150.00

Bottle Holder/Sleeves -15%
Bottle Holder/SleevesSize 15" High X12" wide  Optional: Tray with light Min. order of..
$65.00 $55.00

Crystal Head Vodka Luge -15%
Crystal Head Ice Sculpture/Luge 38" High X 20" Wide X 20" DeepOption :  Luge Conversion ..
$325.00 $275.00

Double Heart Sculpture/Luge -12%
Double Heart Ice Luge/Sculpture 40" High X 20" WideOption :  Personalized Engraving..
$255.00 $225.00

Doves / Heart Ice Sculpture -7%
Doves / Heart Ice Sculpture 40" High X 36" Wide Option :  Personalized Engravin..
$295.00 $275.00


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First, I would like to thank you for the luge from this past weekend. It was a great addition to our party. I would like to order another standard double luge for a party I am having this weekend. I would like to have it dropped off at the below address at 8:30 on Saturday, August 4th. Peter F. DiSilvio
- Peter F. DiSilvio on 01/04/2014
The luge was a big hit and we'd love to work with you again! Erika London VP of Marketing & Special Events New York, NY 10001
- Erika London on 12/09/2013
Thank you for delivering the Ice luge it was a huge success. A lot of people took your business cards. Kathleen Kneessy Centereach, NY
- Kathleen Kneessy on 12/09/2013
Just want to reach out and say thank you so much. The ice Luge was beautiful and a huge success. Liza Valitutto Special Events Manager TEAM ENTERPRISES
- Liza Valitutto on 12/09/2013
Thank you for all your help throughout the process. The ice sculpture was beautiful and the guests admired your work of art. Kind regards, Kadija Greaves
- Kadija Greaves on 01/04/2014