ISPro Cares

ISPro Cares is the humanitarian wing of A. B. Carvings, Inc. based out of Long Island New York. Through this website, we have set up a means for offering up to $600 per event in ice sculptures or ice sculpture discounts for charity events. This program is available to any 501(c)3 charities that are not politically or religiously based and meet our criteria.
This offer is available to the Greater Long Island & NYC, most of Nassau & Suffolk County, including Queens and Brooklyn If you would like your charity to be considered for this benefit at your next event or fundraiser, simply fill out the form on this website and E-Mail or Fax it to us. Once submitted, we will review the application and respond within 4 business days. If your charity is not chosen for that month we will still extend a 25% discount and waive set up fees for your event.
To be considered for the benefits this program offers, the following requirements apply: * Your organization must "Like" (become a fan) of our Facebook "Ice Sculpture Pro" Fan Page. * Ice Sculpture Pro must receive recognition on your website and/or Facebook page for any photos of the ice sculpture(s). * You must mention Ice Sculpture Pro in printed literature for the event. * A copy of literature needs to be emailed to us when complete, no later than 1 week prior to event.