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Corporate Logo Ice Sculpture

Logo is to the identity of the company or organization it represents. We strive to Almost any logo can be reproduced in ice. We know how important it is that your company or organization's reproduce all logos in ice with all of their original design characteristics including typeface, color and proportions. As there are infinite variables and possibilities when it comes to logo designs.

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Pumpkin Sculpture or Luge

Pumpkin Ice Sculpture or LugeSize: 20"Wide X 40"High X 10" Deep          &n..

$275.00 $225.00

Standard Double Luge

Standard Double LugeSide Bottle HolderSize: 34" high X 20" wideOptional: Customized Engraving 2 Si..

$125.00 $100.00

6 Ft Table Top Logo or Luge

6 Ft Table Top Logo or Luge Size:  72" W X 40"H  X 20"D      ..


American Flag Ice Sculpture or Luge

American Flag Ice Sculpture or LugeHoliday or Corporate Event Size: 40" high X 36" wideOpti..


Bottle Holder-Sleeves

Bottle Holder/Sleeves min 4pc/OrderIdeal for bar setup or guest table centerpieceOptional: Specific ..


Corporate Logo Ice Sculpture or Luge

Corporate_Logo Ice Sculpture or LugeHoliday or Corporate Event Size: 40" high X 36" wideOpt..


Ice Shots Glasses

Ice Shots Glasses. 6 Doz ( 72 Pcs )Ideal for your favorite Liquor, Tequila, Vodka, Scotch, Rhum2 Wee..


Ice Ware Sorbet Dish

Ice Ware (Sorbet) 200 Pcs.Ideal for your favorite Sorbet, Ice Cream2 Weeks notice needed..


Football Helmet Luge

Football Helmet Luge  (Your Favorite Team)Double Luge - Side by Side Size: 36" high X 20" ..