Ice Sculpture handcrafts distinctive and beautifully detailed sculptures from ice, fruits, vegetables, butter, cheese, chocolate and other products, both edible and otherwise.  We offer a vast catalog of these products; moreover, we can produce sculptures designed to the client’s unique specifications.  Ice Sculpture is thoroughly committed to serving and working with all clients, large and small, to achieve gratifying  results and provide good value.  We take pride in our originality, creativity and quality, and strive to lead the industry on trends and style.  Whatever the event, your guests will be quick to  notice and admire our carvings and displays.  For more sample works email us

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Ice Bowls & Vases
Imagine an ice bowl on display with red roses or seashells embedded into it. Or one that is clear sitting on a table filled with seafood or fresh fruit….magnificent! Ice vases and pedestals are among the most popular ice sculptures and dazzling floral displays look even more impressive atop an elegant work of ice.


Corporate Logos
Logo is to the identity of the company or organization it represents. We strive to Almost any logo can be reproduced in ice. We know how important it is that your company or organization's reproduce all logos in ice with all of their original design characteristics including typeface, color and proportions. As there are infinite variables and possibilities when it comes to logo designs.


Food Displays
Cold foods such as seafood, sushi, and caviar are often presented in ice bowls, trays, clamshells. Serving seafood at your next event and don't know how to display it? Look no further. We create breathtaking seafood displays that range from 2'X2' to 2'X7'. No matter what seafood you are displaying, our ice sculpted display will add panache to your event.

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